Art and Role Play Rooms


We carp-columnreate spaces and areas to help the children explore their imagination.

Every group room has art and role-play supplies, but in our Pre-School section we have specific rooms for the children to enjoy.

The art rooms are stocked to the brim with paint, corn flour, sand, water, home-made playdough (made on site), sponges, brushes, bubbles and more. This room is dedicated to promoting the children’s creativity and allows them to experiment and explore with colour, texture and materials.

Our specially made role-playing room in the Pre-School section holds outfits and toys to boost any child’s imagination.  We have costumes for them to learn more about occupations (nurses, shopkeepers, doctors, firemen) as well as those so they can live like a wizard, princess or superhero. Aside from feeding their imaginations, this allows children to discover more about the world, they role-play everyday scenarios, which they might encounter in their future lives.